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Throughout the entire day, you meet several people. By spending time with them, you either get happiness, sadness, or sometimes, nothing! But at the end of the day, when you go to sleep, you often feel that I am too tired today! I am so frustrated. 

What is depression & what is the best way to get out of it permanently
What is depression?

What is depression?

The tension and thoughts or planning of tomorrow will force you to think about various perspectives of thinking in the possibility of all the solutions. Many times you think with your emotions and many times you think with your logical ability and priorities, right? Sometimes your decisions give you happiness in the future and sometimes sadness. But, it's been observed that often people (including you and me as well!) stay in depression because of their worldly responsibilities. They get bored easily. They feel frustration and negative energy etc. 

Apart from all this, when I, myself, put away from these all and question myself, 

  • "are we here to fulfill all the materialistic needs and desires?", 
  • "Why are we always feeling sad?" 

I always get only one answer from inside i.e. everything is useless. Whatever we do, or desire to achieve, everything is temporary. We took birth in this world for an average of 76 to 100 years. Is that for just enjoying materialistic fruits? Of course not! Because if it was so, what was the difference between us and animals? And why then we are not born as an animal? Which means, we have a strong purpose to be born as a Human. But we don't understand other perspectives of thinking of Spirituality because we all have been thinking materialistically. I am a pharmacist myself! Which means I am very well aware of all the science principles and concepts. How can I speak about something that can't be proven by science like philosophy? - this thinking doesn't allow us to think beyond our beliefs. Beliefs are limited, so open up your mind to accept all the information you hear or grasp and give it a chance to explain itself to you! 

This is life and we all are having sorrows at one corner of our life, right? That's only because of our desires. Try to look at your problems and study them, you will find many parameters that are associated with those problems which give you sadness for example: your expectations, your ego, your false knowledge, your wrong planning, and so many parameters. If you go a little deeper in understanding these parameters, you will notice that those problems are because of these parameters and these parameters are only because of your attachments to it! You are attached to all these parameters in some way which is why you are suffering. Because attachments always lead to suffering. (Materialistic) detachment always leads to (eternal) pleasure. 

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If you are feeling depressed and you go to a psychiatrist or psychologist, you will be given CBT and IPT therapies. But you will not be told that you can treat yourself! Because if they tell you so, they will not earn money. But actually, you can treat yourself from depression in a better way than yourself! How? That's where your detachment comes into the picture. That's where questioning comes into the picture.

Whenever you feel depressed, you are surrounded by so many negative thoughts and opinions. You always think only negative side of the story in that condition. With such an approach, you will always feel depressed. So, to be out of depression, you just need to do one thing: be aware. 

What?! How?!, I'll explain dear, don't worry!

'Be aware' - means: even if you do anything in your life, observe all your actions, observe all your thoughts as an observer and not as an action taker. 

When you become an observer, you will realize that "actions are done by you, you are not doing it." - this means you are not attached to your actions. When you become detached to all your actions, you will no longer expect fruits from the actions you have taken. And because of that, you will never feel sadness or happiness. Because sadness or happiness is only because of your expectations. And by that realization, you will never enter in depression stage. So, depression is removed from the roots of yourself. 

CBT and IPT therapies are just useful to divert your mind. These therapies may not remove depression permanently from roots, but only for temporary or for longer periods of time. Whereas "being the observer of all your actions" will definitely remove your depression from the root. 

I hope you would have learned something important from this post, see you in the next post. Till then take care & be happy. 

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