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Hello Readers, So I ask you first what do you think Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?, Absolutely not it's all just assumption that your height increases by one inch. This is not true once you reach your age 21-23 year your height stop increasing and it is scientifically proven. So do not go behind to lose weight to gain height. But once you lose your weight your face can look more attractive

Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?
Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?
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Can you lose weight to gain height?

So, Your only main goal is to increase height by losing some Pounds/Kg it does not mean that you look taller. By doing regular exercise it makes your posture straight so you can look different but it does not mean that you are getting taller. 

Obesity also plays a vital role and it's linked to joints and some posture-related problems so you can not stand as per your actual height. Plus, if your age between 17-25 you can change your lifestyle, work on your diet, and do fitness so you can gain height till the age of 23 to 25, Also it could help to make your straight posture.

After 25 age actual height gain is nearly impossible. The best thing you can do is by your feet to make it good in posture and you can work on your spinal code to make it good. 

A 2018 study published in Cancer Causes Control found that Childhood diet plays a vital role in height growth in males as compared to females. Another study found that childhood weight gain is related to the taller structure of a child, also it can influence a growth hormone in children.

Keep in mind that weight loss for gaining height is a win-win situation for you Because it leads to staying fit and it helps in better eating habits and several more reasons. 

Does body weight affect height?

A 2011 study shows us there is no absolute link between height and weight. However, a bunch of ways having a higher weight or lower weight can impact your standing height and perceived height. Your diet in childhood can impact your growth hormone which affects your height growth. 

The additional weight causes certain joint pain and such as knees problem. It happens after the age of more than 35 because they have to support more weight, especially person is overweight.

But if you feel your height gives you anxiety or depression, then you should have to check your BMI and compare your height to its normal or you have to lose weight actually.

If your goal is losing weight then it can involve height, you may get experience some health benefits as a result of the effort on losing weight.

What does affect height, then?

Taller in height, height is affected by various factors it can vary from childhood to adulthood, and adulthood to elderly. But here we show you what scientists discovered what are a factor affecting your height:

  • Genetics (which is affected between 40% to 70% responsible for your height)
  • Nutrition in childhood
  • Physical exercise in childhood
  • Childhood sleep habits
  • Childhood nutrition habits and Health
  • Aging (Both posture and bone density reduction)
  • Some medical conditions

However caterpillar became a butterfly, it's not likely it always was. It will fly after a certain time and it's for a reason.

Does losing weight make you look taller?

Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?
Does  losing  weight  make  you look  taller?

In 2013 Study shows us taller people looks thin and thinner people looks taller. But in latter study illusion is far less strong. Losing weight to look taller is all relative. It's all just illusion, But losing weight gives you better health and good lifestyle. Losing weight really make your face more attractive? 

In such another way gaining weight gives you poor posture. And it's making you appear shorter than you are actually.  

Does gaining weight make you shorter?

The relationship between height and weight is blurred. However losing weight does not make you taller, Gaining weight to the point of clinical obesity can make you look shorter.

The NCBI study shows gaining weight or more obesity makes your bones weaker. And it's leads to osteoporosis, back pain, hips problems and much more.

Osteoporosis happened when your bones are too brittle and it can break easily and at that time doctor suggest you Ostocalcium tablets or any  other calcium related tablets.

Therefor no such accurate "height" and "weight" in the world study, You have to love your self what you are and just stay healthy it is more important. 

How can I get taller?

As earlier we discuss height can increases till age of 23 to 25 after that by biological your height can not increase. 

In your childhood you get better nutrition's, better mental environment, and most affected factor that your parents height is much taller than their genes can gives you better height.

There is no study available for if you cycling more or you more spend your time in gym that makes you taller.

If your spinal-cord bends more than actual first you have to consult a physiotherapist or Yoga is the great  way to recover your posture and it also helps in your mental health

How much weight loss makes a difference in your height?

Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?
How much Weight loss Makes a Difference in Your height?

There is no specific number of pound/Kg  to lose to looks you taller. It also depends on your age, height, and weight. If you are already fit person as per BMI than it can not gives you significant change in your body. 

However if you are obese as per BMI than you can lose 15-30 pound that can just looks you taller but it is your actual height. It is not increases by losing weight.

5 The Benefits Of Weight Loss

However weight loss not affect any role in gaining height but if you still lose your weight here we describe five benefits of weight lose:

  • Burn more calories than you intake
  • If you lose weight your spinal-cord became relax
  • Weight loss lead to better joint health
  • It can improve joints mobility and flexibility
  • Strong and good looking posture
For lose weight You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right. 

Although, there are thousands of diet chats and diet formulas available in market for lose weight. Also we recommend you 10 Best Daily Routines To Lose Weight Naturally 2023. Other than that you must visit your doctor clinic or consult your doctor before start any diet plan.

The Takeaway

You can't gain height by losing weight. But if you lose weight that can gives you healthy life style, good posture, and mentally healthy. It can also help in control sugar level in body, good sleep, better mood.

If you're in your adulthood you have a chance to change your habits and focus on healthy life style it directly contribute to your increased height.

You can not increase your height after your puberty is over. But losing weight can make you appear taller in front of other people. 

So, In short you have to focus on healthy life not to focus on getting taller.


Q. Does overweight affect height?

Ans. No, But it can affect your body posture and spinal-code. If your posture is not correct just because of you are overweighed, than your height not appear right as it is.

Q. How can I lose weight and get taller?

Ans. You can't gain height by losing weight. But if you lose weight that can gives you healthy life style, good posture, and mentally healthy.

Q. Can you get taller after 18?

Ans. Yes, Your height can get increase till age of 23-25. It is just myth that your height can increase till just age of 18 years. After age of 18 height growth rate much become slower.

Q. Will I look taller if I lose weight?

Ans. No, It just a illusion. If you lose weight  15-30 pound it is automatically give you right posture and you get your actual height, it is not increases.

Q. Can I grow taller after 21?

Ans. As per study Yes, But after age of 21 your height growth hormones become slower so you can not see any significant change.

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